To Senators Risch and Crapo…

To Sens. Risch and Crapo,

As our elected representatives in the U.S. Senate, we are asking you to act in our behalf to immediately halt the inhumane policy of the Trump administration in separating children from their parents at the border.

With hundreds of children, some ripped from their mother’s arms, separated from their families, and some living in cage-like conditions, something must be done to halt the executive order which has caused this. Many of these children are from families seeking asylum because of conditions making it impossible to live in their home countries.

America has always been a beacon of hope for these families. The Trump administration’s action is, in the words of a Catholic priest, “Pure evil.” It should sicken anyone who purports to be a Christian in this nation. As Gov. John Kasich, Republican governor of Ohio, put it, “It was enough to make me cry.”

We can only hope that you have some measure of humanity, whether it’s through religion or otherwise, to pursue action in Congress that will bring an immediate halt to this immoral action. As a veteran who risked my life for our country, I have always trusted that it could live up to its ideals.

Jim Ramsey

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