The Work Begins…

Dear Editor,

After his win in 2008, President Obama said, “Elections have consequences.” Eight years later the American public decided liberal policies simply weren’t working. Hard-working Americans had enough. Meanwhile, disgruntled liberal protesters who were angry about Donald Trump’s election victory rioted in the streets from northern California to Seattle, burning whatever they could find and disrupting traffic. Is this what “progressives” see as open-mindedness and civility?

This paper, liberal news outlets, and disaffected progressives struggle to believe the results. If liberalism has an Achilles Heel it is an inability to see things as they are rather than as they wish they could be. It is a viscerally-driven self righteousness that leaves pundits scratching their heads at the so-called misinformed conservatives. But now that conservatives have the Senate, House, and Oval Office the real work begins. President Trump needs to do four things: show grace (which he did in his acceptance speech), demonstrate wisdom, self-control, and surround himself with good men and women to whom he listens. Only time will tell. Character always outs.

Don S. Otis

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