The refugees are coming…

Dear Editor,

It doesn’t take much to bring the Chicken Littles outta the woodwork. Instead of screaming “the sky is falling”, these wussies are now screaming “the refugees are coming, the refugees are coming”. From our County Commissioners and Heather Scott to the Boise crowd, the political arena in Idaho is overflowing with fear mongering wussies.

As I understand it the peanut gallery for the Commissioners’ decision was overflowing with crybabies crying “the refugees are coming.” I had no idea there were so many wussies in North Idaho.

This refugee thing is misplaced fear mongering. What these wussies should really fear are the masses of Californians that will soon be on their way escaping their drought and taking our water. It is the water war that is on its way that we should really be concerned about. So stop being a bunch of wussies and start fearing something that deserves to be feared, you bunch of crybabies.

Lee Santa

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