The County Budget…

Dear Editor:

This started out as a simple endorsement for Steve Lockwood for county commission, but the commission budget article in the Aug. 16 Reader encouraged me to expand my comments as it pertains to Dan McDonald, apparently the commissions spokesman.

Mr. McDonald pays lip service to issues that effect the average resident, but for the most part what seems to matter most to him are property rights and doing whatever, however, whenever  you want on or with your property no matter how it effects your neighbors. As I understand it, he will not hesitate to override someone testifying at a commission meeting, dismissing them out of hand with his own personnel agenda if he disagrees with them.

It would also seem that if you want your road resurfaced, you gotta pay for it as heaven forbid the county that you pay taxes to should pick up the tab.

Most candidates for office promise more/good jobs and affordable housing. But how has Dan McDonald performed? I don’t find fault with those who at least try and fail, but has Dan even tried? A number of jobs at Thorne just flew the coop to South Carolina.

Then there’s the housing situation. Rent and the cost of buying a home are way out of line with what many can afford in this wage market. Take the county’s budget for next year. It was cut $5.7 million, yet they’re raising their salaries and your taxes. This will only serve to add pressure to the cost of houses and rents. How does this make sense for a supposed low/no tax conservative?

McDonald was, however, quite vocal in his opposition to the Scotchman Peaks wilderness. How has this helped the average citizen of Bonner County? Those like Dan McDonald seem to dwell on fringe issues that effect a small percentage of people and serve to divide us, not bring us together with solutions. Similar to the national situation.

I don’t know Steve Lockwood personally and do not agree with him on everything — the Urban Renewal District for example — but I hope this will help his chances to be elected to the Bonner County Commission. I believe we need to try someone else to fill the seat currently held by Mr. McDonald.

Lawrence Fury

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