Support the Levy…

Dear Editor,

I plan to vote for the LPOSD levy on Aug. 30.

There are no additional sport fields being created; current ones are just being moved to better utilize the limited acreage that the school district has. Baseball and soccer will still have fields to play on and there will still be a track and infield.

The school district, through a vote, can only levy on those who live within the boundaries of the LPOSD. Likewise, only those who live within the boundaries of the district can vote.

The lease-purchase tool is similar to the way the county financed the purchase of the Federal Building—but they didn’t go for a vote! One important thing to remember is the county courthouse—that 1.5 million dollar “remodel” wound up costing something like 5 to 6 million dollars.

The smart and dollar effective thing to do is replace those buildings as outlined by the district.  For factual info you can always call the district office or look on websites or

Thank you and vote yes on Aug. 30.

Dan Logan

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