Success Breeds Success…

Dear Editor,

Our community is strong, successful and safe. Much of this can be attributed to the high quality education system that we have created for our children. While there will always be room for improvement, let’s take a moment to acknowledge what is working: our children are succeeding.

Let me just point out three such stories. The first example is Madeline Suppiger. She attended LPOSD schools her entire life and has just been accepted into the medical school at the University of Washington. My oldest daughter is in her last year of a Ph.D. program in Atmospheric Physics. She has a bachelor’s degree in math. When asked why she decided to pursue math, her answer was simply: Mrs. Search, math teacher at SHS. My youngest daughter is in a pre-med nutrition program. She tells me that specifically, Mrs. Search and Mr. Aunan (both SHS teachers) taught her to be proactive in her learning and that skill has helped her to be successful in college.

As a private tutor, I can give a hundred more examples of vibrant, caring, super smart kids that have gone on to be successful in college and in life largely due to the education that they received from LPOSD.

We have a team of dedicated professionals running a successful school system. If they are asking for funds so that this success can continue into the future, then I say yes to that. Please vote yes on the upcoming levy in March.

Linda F. Larson

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