SPORTS Endorses Scott…

Dear Editor,

I am pleased to announce that the SPORTS premier firefighter- and law enforcement-related social club in pristine North Idaho is endorsing Heather Scott in the coming primary and election for District 1A state legislative seat. We believe Heather Scott to be a fabulous candidate — a candidate of and for the people, the best candidate by leaps and bounds.

Thank you SPORTS for your positive voice in supporting Rep. Scott’s hard work in countering the likes of Nancy Pelosi and the Obamanization of our beautiful North Idaho, land of the free!

Thank you to Rep. Scott for her efforts and sacrifices as a state legislator on the behalf of everyday citizens. Her sponsorship and success with school safety legislation embodied in HB 565, allowing qualified retired peace officers to carry their firearms without restriction in K-12 schools and colleges and universities in Idaho (a good guy with a gun), is to be commended! Like President Donald J. Trump, Heather Scott is of and for the people, ordinary folks like my colleagues and yours truly. We need Rep. Scott in elected office to neutralize the big floppy clown shoe-wearing progressives and RINOS who would turn us into mindless sheep at the beck and call of the far alt-left progressive Pelosicrats in the great state of Idaho.


Ron Adamik
President, Safety-Peace Officers Retired To Sandpoint (SPORTS)

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