Shelby the best candidate…

Dear Editor,

For 3 years, I’ve been serving on Sandpoint’s Pedestrian + Bicycle Advisory Committee with other citizens and Councilman Shelby Rognstad. This experience has shown me that Shelby would be a terrific mayor. He’s thoughtful and considerate, while realistic about improvements on our safety recommendations.

Shelby’s vision to create the 25-mile recreational Watershed Crest Trail was brilliant. In addition to locals getting an awesome trail to enjoy, it’ll certainly draw tourists and become an economic benefit here. This type of innovative, forward thinking is much needed in a Mayor.

All SPBAC meetings, like council meetings, welcome the public to participate. There’s total “transparency”, but the opposition has made negative accusations in this regard, as well as unkind questioning of Shelby’s integrity. Undeniably, Shelby is strongly committed to our community. Lets move forward, not backward. Elect the candidate with a positive, optimistic approach to “keep Sandpoint vibrant”

Shelby for Mayor.

Rebecca Holland

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