Scott Endorsement Shocking…

Dear Editor,

I’m somewhat shell shocked having read Ron Adamik’s, president of Safety-Peace Officers Retired To Sandpoint (SPORTS), endorsement for Heather Scott.

He touts her sponsorship and success of school safety legislation in HB565. Digesting his endorsement-ending diatribe: “We need Rep. Scott in elected office to neutralize the big floppy clown shoe-wearing progressives and RINOS who would turn us into mindless sheep at the beck and call of the far alt-left progressive Pelosicrats in the great state of Idaho.”

A question for Heather Scott comes to mind. Is this the mentality you want in someone who will be protecting our schools with firearms?? Mr. Adamik refers to HB565 as “a good guy with a gun.”  Perhaps, in his case, “ a maniac with a gun” is more appropriate.

John Loback

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