Schools Need Support…

Dear Editor

During my eight years with the city as both a council person and mayor, I was aware of the many inquiries that new businesses would make about our town and base their decision to locate accordingly. One question that would often come up which we did not have a good answer for was about the quality of our public schools. Although Sandpoint has excellent teachers, programs and athletics, school facilities were not something to brag about.

For our existing high tech, aerospace, biomedical and other advanced industries, recruitment is a constant challenge as well.  Quality educational facilities are often the deciding factor for those professionals considering a move to Sandpoint. Further, the Idaho Department of Labor released a study earlier this month that predicts a growing need for education in science, technology, engineering and math to support these types of jobs and our current school buildings cannot keep pace with the technology demands that modern curriculums require.  Sub-standard school buildings also compromise educational performance.

Will Sandpoint schools keep pace with economic needs?  Good facilities are important not only for our kids but for the economic growth of our area.  Please vote Yes on Aug. 30!

Carrie Logan

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