Safety for Cyclists…

Dear Editor:

In the creation of our new two-way road system in Sandpoint, the cyclists have been ignored. The confusion for motor vehicle traffic is bad enough, but think of riding your bike through town. There are no bike lanes or sharrows in the new configuration indicating that cyclists even exist in Sandpoint.  There are no signs saying “share the road” with cyclists and no signs saying “watch for cyclists.  Consequently I see people riding on sidewalks, riding on sidewalks the wrong way or on the streets weaving in and out of traffic.

Sandpoint is a biking town; the public needs to be made aware of that fact; cyclists should be riding on the streets and treated equally with cars and motorcycles on the streets. Likewise those in cars or on motorcycles must be made aware that bicycles will be sharing the road. Ideally bike lanes should be created and signs put up warning motorists that bicycles are using the streets too.

Beth Allen

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