Rudeness at March…

Dear Editor,

I attended the climate march on Saturday, the 29th of April. I loved the diversity, and the amount of people there astonished me. Even so, not everyone shared my opinion. A man riding a bicycle and carrying a dog in his backpack was one person that stood out to me.

As he forcefully pushed through the crowd of marchers who were waiting to cross First Ave., a man directing traffic asked him where he needed to go.

“I just want these f—ing freaks to get out of my way!” he responded angrily.

“Excuse me?” the traffic director asked politely.

“You heard me!” the man with the bike called over his shoulder as he walked away, dog and all.

As a sixth grade girl, I wonder … If we can’t come together as people and set aside our differences to save the planet, then what does our future hold?

Dinah Rawson
Northside Elementary student

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