Responsibilities of County Commissioners…

Dear Editor,

I recently read in a local paper that the county commissioners adopted a resolution, of their own making, opposing a wilderness designation for Scotchman’s Peaks and also called out the U.S. Forest Service to cease managing the ground as recommended wilderness.

First, I would like to include a link to the responsibilities of county commissioners as set forth by the state of Idaho. I would encourage everyone who is a registered voter to read this:

They have a long list of responsibilities, but I don’t believe you will find anything which covers what they are doing as elected officials of Bonner County.  They are simply using their commissioner status for their own personal agendas. They are overstepping their offices authority. I think this is appalling! Call them today and tell them to do their jobs. Playing to their ultra-right-wing constituents is offensive to me. I hope that sooner or later enough people will tire of this behavior and vote them out of office. Shame on them.

Marlene Petersen

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