Response to Racist CDs…

Dear Editor,

It is the season of the year when compassion and giving are at the forefront. Holiday lights are sparkling and people greet each other with smiles and good cheer. That makes it particularly egregious to have the Sandpoint High School parking lot blanketed with hate-promoting CDs. Fortunately Sandpoint High School administration worked swiftly with their school resource officer to remove the offensive material from cars. Bonner County residents have shown over and over that they will not tolerate racist and anti-Semitic actions and materials. They have shown this through their actions of unity again and again.

The Bonner County Human Rights Task Force will continue to partner with the community in their work towards greater understanding and acceptance of all. We pledge to fight against prejudice in any form. We continue to do this through networking with other community groups, educational presentations, scholarships and community grants. Join hands with BCHRTF and the community in standing up against prejudice and hate. Not in our town, not in our state.

Lynn Bridges
President BCHRTF

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