Refugee Resolution…

Dear Editor,

Ben Olson, you continue to impress and amaze me. Ben’s recent editorial expresses “disgust” at some of the comments voiced at the recent city council meeting and calls out this line of thought for what it is: fear-mongering, xenophobic, and Islamphobic. I applaud his honest judgement on a very divisive topic. A topic which in a rational world would never be considered divisive.

Ben and approximately 300 other Bonner County residents, who placed their names in a full page ad in the Reader and the Bee, do not agree with the Resolution passed by the County Commissioners in early January. His courage is commendable and I would like to stand together with Ben and ask everyone in our great town to “stand up for the moral high ground,” Idaho IS too great for hate.

Take the time to read his well written editorial in the January 7th, 2016 edition of the Sandpoint Reader. Way to go Ben!

Linda F. Larson
(No relation to Larson’s Department Store)

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