Please Vote For Woodward…

Dear Editor,

Please vote Jim Woodward for senator in District 1. Jim is a true conservative, a man of integrity and solutions oriented. With 21 years of Navy service, retiring as a commander, many years as a business owner and employer, a family man and community oriented, Jim Woodward is pro-Idaho!

Raised in Bonners Ferry and educated at the U of I in engineering, Jim knows and understands North Idaho. This understanding is balanced with knowledge from his military travels and living in different countries and various states.

While Jim is pro-gun and pro-Idaho, he also understands if we are to make government more effective, we must embrace other concerns, too, such as education and transportation.

Jim deeply cares about our communities and has a deep sense of public service. He walks quietly and needs no lime light. Every year he picks a community project to donate to one of our communities or to do for a needy individual. In case you didn’t know, it was Jim’s company Apex that tore the Memorial field bleachers down; saving us many tax dollars.

Jim Woodward and his family live in the Sandpoint area where his wife teaches school and his children have been part of our public school system.  For more about Jim please go to:

Diana Dawson

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