Parking Woes…

Dear Editor,

I was surprised to read, after the fact, that the city held two workshops regarding downtown parking. As a downtown business owner, I can empathize with the construction workers getting tickets downtown, but the fact is, this happens every day to many business owners trying to make a living and serve the community.

The funniest damn thing I’ve seen in a long time is the string of tickets around the tree on First Ave. (The BID tax must not cover tree-trimming). It’s one of the most brash scenes of civil disobedience in Sandpoint, and I think more of that mentality is needed.

The article states that we are now adopting the parking laws of Seattle and Boise—a few short years after being named Best Small Town in America. It seems we are catering to all the city-folk (read: Yuppies) and tourists, while overlooking small business owners and residents of downtown.

The constant money grab from the city will only result in even more vacant buildings downtown. City employees can get parking passes, but none are available to business owners. I see people moving their cars all day, every day, (including myself) and the loss of productivity of this or having to walk to the city lot five times a day will cost more than $127k the scofflaws owe.

I will end my rant by saying that Chris with Diamond Parking actually took time out to talk to me, shake my hand and understand my actual daily parking situation, more than I can say for anyone with the BID or the city.

Derek Secor

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