Our Community Needs This…

Dear Editor,

Those I have spoken to who are planning to vote against the upcoming school levy often bring up financial and economic reasons. Whether it is because of a perceived rise in their taxes (it’s very minimal since it’s a replacement levy), or whether it is because our superintendent’s salary is too high (the levy funds NO part of his salary; that is a state issue), the motivation is tied, either directly or indirectly, to finances.

Looking purely from an economic viewpoint, our community needs this levy to pass. Whether you have kids that go to public school or not, the economic health of our community is tied to our schools, and therefore everyone is affected by the health and well-being of the school district. If this levy fails to pass, the overall economy of the community will diminish.

The affluent “job creators” in our community oftentimes have engaged, motivated students. Those types of students and families demand quality education and choice in that education. They will leave if their choices like electives and extracurricular activities are diminished. They will find a school district with more diverse opportunities for their motivated students, and their absence will be felt economically when they take their businesses with them.

Our families with high-level athletes, who also unequivocally succeed in numerous aspects of their academic and social lives, will leave. They will find a district that is more likely to get their student seen by colleges, and a district that provides high-level athletic opportunities, and their absence will be felt economically too.

Any family that deeply cares about their student’s overall education, and has the means to, will leave the area. Our community will become a shell of what it is now, as business leaders, job providers and high-achieving individuals and families take their talents elsewhere.

This likely scenario will undoubtedly lead to economic hardship for much of our community, and there will be a lack of opportunities that will far surpass the few extra dollars paid for the renewed levy.

Banjo Paterson

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