In June 20th’s Reader, Nick Geir stated on page 4: “A clueless Donald Trump tweeted, ‘What sport is he talking about?'” then he stated, “he must have forgotten…” (about Muhammad Ali).

Iíve studied verbal abuse extensively over the past few years. Name-calling (ìcluelessî) is obvious overt verbal abuse, but it is also an accusation, an anecdotal opinion, not based on facts, which is covert verbal abusive.

Trump is asking a non-offensive statement that I too would have asked, as a good communicator avoiding assumptions. “he must have forgotten” is not only an assumption, but it is “countering,” which is when one opposes a non-offensive statement made by another. Controllers employ the use of ìcounteringî to position themselves to know more or better than another in order to appear superior. The act of countering indicates a person believes they are an omniscient god who knows what another is thinking without asking, and it is verbal abuse.

Nick Geir’s statements clearly show himself to be a controller, which is amusing to me, considering that he is pointing a finger at Trump while ignoring the three pointed at himself. I highly recommend he read Patricia Evans’ “Controlling People.”

His entire article seems to be in defense of Muslims. He seems to be teaching that which he needs to learn the most, and it is understandable to view him as Muslim. His religious preference is his prerogative, but when one outwardly shows a strong need to defend their religion, their beliefs may be built on shaky ground.

From Nick Geir’s statements, he seems to be showing that he is more interested in examining the contents of Trump’s mind, when his own seems to be lacking in analysis. I think he has done a disservice to the Reader, but then… I am not a Muslim.

Vickey Babayco

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