Medicaid Expansion…

Dear Editor,

Idaho has not accepted Medicaid expansion and the federal dollars that go along with it. Why? Consider these facts:

•288,426 – The number of people covered by Medicaid and CHIP as of June 20, 2016

•150,000 – The number of additional people who would be covered if we accepted the expansion

•54,000 – The number of  people who have NO realistic access to health insurance without Medicaid expansion

In addition, many rural hospitals in Idaho are on the brink of closure. With Medicaid expansion they would not have to shut down.

Idaho leaves $3.3 billion on the table over the next decade by not expanding Medicaid.

Every person we help to health reduces our county and hospital taxes. Most people who are in the Medicaid gap are veterans, workers in construction and other worthy pursuits, or are handicapped.

Again I ask, why has Idaho not accepted Medicaid expansion? It may not be the final answer, but it is certainly crazy to continue on this course as long as our legislators, both state and federal, refuse to hang up their ideologies and look at the facts. Most citizens in Idaho favor it.

Please seek out and sign the voter petition to have Medicaid expansion put on the ballot this fall. For more information go to

Nancy Gerth

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