McDonald Kept Promises…

Dear Editor,

I first met Dan McDonald at one of the Lost in the ‘50s car shows years ago, after my family moved here from Oregon. We share a reverence of classic cars and motorcycles, but also of limited government and responsibility to the taxpayers.

During his first term as commissioner, Dan has followed through on that shared principle: from cutting wasteful spending and necessitating efficiency, to reducing the size and scope of government. To date, Dan has saved taxpayers over $9 million without cutting any services, while fostering a culture of mutual respect both with county employees, and with the electorate, whom he rightfully regards as his employers. He’s truly walked his talk.

It’s unusual these days for an elected official to keep their campaign promises to their constituents. Dan has done so. In spades. And he deserves re-election. Please consider giving him your vote on May 15.

Jason Giddings

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