McDonald Deserves 2nd Term…

Dear Editor,

Rarely does an elected official step into office and keep their campaign promises. Dan McDonald is such an official.

In 2016, Dan ran on efficiency and cost-cutting. And not only has he kept those promises, he’s gone above and beyond.

Unlike his opponent, whose prior stint as Ponderay mayor admittedly increased the size of government, Dan has shrunk its footprint, finding $8.5 million in line-item cuts, as well as reductions in management via attrition, resulting in another $250,000 savings to taxpayers. And, unlike his opponent whose knee-jerk reaction to the proposed smelter is a rush to judgment not rooted in evidence, Dan is awaiting pertinent information before he takes a fact-based position either way.

What we don’t need in a commissioner is someone who will grow the size of government at taxpayer expense, or who’ll make crucial decisions impacting the county residents before all facts are available. Unlike his opponent, who admits she must learn on-the-job, McDonald came into office fully prepared, promising good stewardship of our taxpayer monies, while at the same time making decisions that affect us all only after thoughtful consideration of all relevant information. He’s accomplished both, while at the same time proving himself highly accessible to both the citizens and the employees of Bonner County.

For these reasons and more, McDonald deserves a second term as Bonner County Commissioner. Please consider voting for Dan on May 15.

Jodi Giddings

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