A Lot of Good Going on in Schools…

Dear Editor,

I am the principal at Washington Elementary School. I have a long history with this school district as many do—started in the first grade at Washington Elementary School in 1959 and graduated from SHS in 1971. I have worked in this district twice during my career starting in the early 1990s. I left to make my way at the Idaho Division of Professional Technical Education in Boise and get my doctorate. When time came to move back to North Idaho, I sought out working at LPOSD because, after all my travels around the state working for the Division, I knew that LPOSD was one of the best. I returned to LPOSD in 2009. This is the district of my choice because of the professionalism of the staff, the strength of the community, and the families that we serve with our schools.

When I read letters to the editor, I see that many people do not agree with everything that we do as educators or how the money is spent. All I want to say is “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” because there is a lot of good going on here. I don’t agree with everything that is done, but I work to change those things one at a time. I will be voting “Yes” because this is the best district I have ever worked in during my 28 years as an educator.

Dr. Sandy Maras
Sandpoint, ID

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