I Like Mike Boeck…

Dear Editor,

I LIKE MIKE! Mike Boeck is the most qualified to serve as our District One Representative. Mike is a common-sense conservative who will fight for the needs of North Idaho. He has a proven track record of generating the kind of results we need.  More jobs, quality education, and good transportation are priorities for him.

As a professional in the forest industry, Mike treats our natural resources with respect. He knows that a healthy forest creates healthy communities. While Scott complains about public lands and tells our voters that the timber and ag businesses “have gone by the wayside,” Mike has used his skills to ensure more of our public lands are managed by the state, resulting in more jobs, more recreation, and future uses for our children. He has supported timber and agriculture with real solutions that have created new jobs and protected old ones.

Mike is pro-Idaho, pro-Second Amendment and pro-liberty — all the old fashioned Idaho way. From his service in the military to being a Republican since he could vote, Mike just does it. And yes, he has supporters who are not only Republicans, but Independents and Democrats. Why? Because Mike has integrity and respect. His supporters know that he is conservative and balanced and able to find common ground and good solutions for all of North Idaho.

Diana Dawson

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