Lighten Up…

Dear Editor,

After reading your “Barbs” section on Thursday, I was somewhat surprised at your reaction to “Black lives matter cattle roadblock.”

I’m sorry, but I guess I’m not that politically correct, and thus, not offended by this silly and laughable little posting. I guess you can find racial overtones in anything if you look hard enough for them. I really think that you’re reading too much into this. That’s just my opinion, and what kind of “discourse” are you alluding to?

In closing, I would just say that in these times of bitter political campaigns, sometimes it’s better to chuckle a little and not to be so critical on minor unimportant things.

Again, maybe it’s time to lighten up a little.

C.P. Kattner


Dear C.P.,

Thanks for writing. I appreciate your opinion, though I don’t agree with it. I tire of the term “political correctness” nowadays. It seems that anytime someone advocates for a little respect and civility in the world, they are labeled as “politically correct” and dismissed. The more we chip away at our humanity, the closer we are to becoming animals. If you post or promote racist ideas, I will call you on it, and so will others. And yes, I think it was racist to compare Black Lives Matter protesters to a herd of cattle.

Yes, this post did indeed offend me, especially when it came from an elected official. If the post wasn’t that offensive, why was it taken down? Also, why has Rep. Heather Scott refused to answer any of my emails?

And one final point. You urge me to not be so “critical on minor unimportant things.” I assert that racial equality is indeed important, and every effort to chip away at equality should be called out as backwards and jingoistic. 

Bottom line: it doesn’t matter if it’s a joke or not-if it’s racist, it’s no good.
-Ben Olson, Publisher 

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