Leave Room For Recreation…

Dear Editor,

Sandpoint has an attractive downtown. There are already many coffee houses, shops and restaurants. Last week I reviewed the scenarios for the University of Idaho property on Boyer Avenue and was disturbed by the photos of coffee shops, “salons,” and plazas. Why sprawl out into a rural area with more of these enterprises when there are plenty in the heart of our city?

Let the city know what you think the future of this piece of land should be. The proposed plan looks as though there’s a large open area for recreation–for cyclists, skiers, walkers, frisbee players, dogs, etc. But if you look closely at the map, you’ll see the green space on the map, especially the northern part, follows a line of narrowly spaced contour lines that indicate a steep hillside plunging down to Sand Creek. Much of this “open area” is not usable recreational space. Buildings never go away.

Karen Seashore

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