Lack of Public Input Concerning…

Dear Editor,

Our county commissioners are proposing a significant change in the regulations for subdividing land in Bonner County from “Ag 20 to Ag 5.” This may sound good in theory, allowing people with larger tracks of land to sell some of it and make a little extra money, but what’s the big hurry? I would venture to guess that because Mr. Sudick lost in the primary he’s pushing through his agenda of less government regulations before he leaves office. What will Bonner County look like cut into parcels 5 acres or less–more people, roads, traffic, accidents, noise, pollution, construction, wells, septic systems and emergency services? All of this “more” will result in less farmland, trees, wildlife, ground water and serenity.

The P& Z has been left out of the process and there will be only one public hearing in the middle of the day in Sandpoint on Thursday, Aug. 4, at 1:00 pm. This will exclude many people from their right to due process because they can’t get off work. If the commissioners really wanted to hear from the public, they would have multiple meetings in different locations during daytime and evening hours in order to accommodate the most people; instead they are minimizing public input. This style of government reflects authoritarianism rather than democracy.

Gail Bolin 

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