The Kids Need Us…

Dear Editor,

Last year, my husband and I moved to Sandpoint. Before making this decision, we spent a great deal of time researching not only the community but also Lake Pend Oreille School District (LPOSD) to make sure it was a place we would want our children to go to school. In addition, my husband and I are both educators, so we wanted to find a community that placed high value on supporting students—through academics, extracurricular opportunities, and specialized programs to support students with special needs.

We decided to take a leap of faith and made a HUGE financial sacrifice to accept jobs within LPOSD. By teaching in LPOSD, my husband now makes 49 percent LESS (annually) than he did teaching in his last district, and I, as a special education teacher, make 53 percent less ANNUALLY. We made these sacrifices because WE BELIEVE in the community, education and extracurricular activities available in Sandpoint. We want to add value to this community and preserve what Sandpoint has always been about: COMMUNITY! We moved to North Idaho because we want to emulate what (we believed) this community stood for: coming together for the good of the people—especially the future generations of this community.

I fully support the supplemental levy because the kids of Sandpoint NEED US to vote in their favor.

Summer Tigert

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