Justice is Lacking…

Dear Editor,

I see that some tiny chain of so-called eating establishments whose nearest franchise is 700 miles away is suing a local food truck because of one public domain word is the same one as in their name.  

First off, what snitch or spy ratted on The Twisted Kilt Black Iron Grill in the first place? Now the local truck might have to go broke just to keep their chosen name and then likely lose. Is this “justice” or just “legal?”

The bigger picture here is the “legal” system. Note, I did not say the “justice” system, which it is not. Justice is seldom served anymore by the courts. What is served are the lawyers and judges enforcing their convoluted “legal” system. 

Point: I know two local men who both pursued  custody of their children. Both are the established parent with long-term stable jobs, a house, etc. The mothers are, in one case, a woman who seldom worked and is on public support. The other is a resident of Washington state who has a criminal record in Idaho and will be arrested if caught here. Yet the “legal” system gave them custody of the children after years of battling as they then raise nonsensical issue after issue. The fathers finally threw up their hands and said they were done. They paid child support until the kids were 18 and are now out of their lives. If we had a “justice” system, the outcome would likely have been much different.

Lawrence Fury

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