Inexperience not a good thing…

Dear Editor,

Those angry citizens who favor “outsiders,” such as Donald Trump, and think political experience is a negative are wrong. Electing inexperienced candidates, such as tea party and other “no compromise at any cost” people is why Congress can’t get anything done.

Our best presidents and elected representatives are those with political experience, who have conducted themselves with openness, moderation and the willingness to compromise.

Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were politicians with the experience and skill needed to lead our country. (Eisenhower was an exception—but he did lead the greatest military coalition ever assembled to victory over Nazi Germany).

Would you want an untrained doctor, accountant, chef or plumber to serve you?  Having served as governor, congressional representative,  major city mayor or a federal cabinet member would certainly better qualify a candidate to make critical decisions in the atomic age than making real estate deals and closing failed casinos.

Let’s forget the hyperbole, personal attacks and boastful showmanship of Mister Trump and elect a president with the skill, empathy and experience needed for the job.

Jim Ramsey

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