In Response to Gier…

Dear Editor,

Just read through the Reader’s July 21 issue.

I noticed that Mr. Gier had mentioned my name in reference to the July 14 issue where I responded to his article he wrote in defense for Muslims. In this week’s issue, Mr. Gier stated his thanks to me for praising him on his rhetorical skills. I honestly do not understand what he is referring to or implying.

What I remember is Mr. Gier’s obvious use of verbal abuse at the same time he was condemning Mr. Trump for his. But for some reason Mr. Gier has turned that into praise. There is no way for me to make sense of this.

In this recent July 21 issue, Mr. Gier does it again! In one paragraph, he accuses and condemns Mr. Trump for calling someone a “pig,” and a “rapist” yet in the next paragraph he accuses and condemns Mr. Trump for being “clueless” and “ignorant!” I find this irrational, as it clearly shows it is OK for him to condemn Mr. Trump, but it is not OK for Mr. Trump to condemn others! This level of mentality clearly shows that a strong need to be right can block the conscious mind from examining itself!

While both Mr. Trump and Mr. Gier are guilty of verbal abuse, I do not support Mr. Gier”s need to defend Muslims and Christians—but I do appreciate Mr. Trump’s need to expose the globalists’ agenda and for showing a strong desire to exterminate the corruption that has consumed the criminal Democratic regime.

Vickey Babayco

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