House Cleaning…

Dear Editor,

We need some house cleaning up here in North Idaho. Two candidates for the Idaho House of Representatives, Heather Scott and Sage Dixon, have not committed to participate in the Candidate Forum, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 5:30 p.m. at the Sandpoint High School auditorium.

According to the article in the Sandpoint Reader, when asked if they would participate, the answer was they may or may not attend. This is not an acceptable answer. It is an evasion. If they had a schedule conflict, why didn’t they say so? What are they afraid of? Candidates who do not seem committed  to meeting the voters they are asking to represent do not deserve our vote. SWEEP THEM OUT!

Kate McAlister and Stephen Howlett will be at the forum. They will present plans for addressing our needs and concerns. They will listen to you and answer questions. Vote for candidates who have good judgement, strong connections to our community and would like to connect with you. Vote for Stephen Howlett and Kate McAlister. Get out your broom .

Clean house. Vote!

Sandra Deutchman


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