Help identify attacking dog…

Dear Editor,

Can you please help identify an off leash dog that viscously attacked and mauled a white Bichon and her caregiver Friday, June 26 approximately 5:30pm just off the Super 1 parking lot between Super 1 and Napa Auto Parts?

The attacker was a medium sized lean muscular young dog, brown with short ears that fell forward at the tip with a long tail.

The owners subdued the dog, put it into their king cab pickup truck, dark gray, rather new, very clean and no dents and drove off without offering assistance to the victims.

Both victims received multiple puncture wounds and the Bichon required hospitalization with 20 stitches, two drain tubes and four medications.

The owners were young people both about the same height approximately 5’9” and the woman had short blond hair and the male had short dark hair and wore a baseball cap. Any help in identifying this attack dog will be greatly appreciated.  Please contact me at 263-6978 or 917-975-0373, or [email protected]
Phyllis Goodwin


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