Get a Life…

Dear Editor,

Local gadfly Daniel R. has mounted his paranoid, conspiracy-seeking hobbyhorse again, this time accusing local notables of being socialists/communists.

Apparently afraid of libel, he even declined to fully name Mindy Cameron, Jane Fritz, Bob Wynhausen, Chris Bessler and Dylan Benefield.  I could spend a good portion of my morning extolling the achievements and accomplishments of these folks, but the people who know them are already aware of them, including the many teachers and students who have benefited from PAFE’s grants.

As near as I can tell, Daniel R.’s major activities are viewing hate news websites, harassing the LPOSD with a constant meaningless request for documents, denying climate change and not plowing a neighbor’s driveway because of her political beliefs. Perhaps he should consider getting a life.

Ted Wert

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