For Our Children…

Dear Editor,

I am the parent of a kindergarten student at Northside Elementary. In five years my youngest will also be there and I will have two kids in the Lake Pend Oreille school district. I am very committed to doing all I can to help my children and their schools thrive. This is why I will be voting yes for the supplemental levy.

This levy is to fund things that our children desperately need to have a successful school career. It goes towards all curriculum materials, full-day kindergarten (which I believe is very important), extracurricular activities (also important), and most importantly, one-third of all district staff. This is huge! There are 28 children in my son’s class. He needs his teacher, and he also needs their aid!

I know that not voting for this levy denies children the fundamental items that they require to excel in school. It is our responsibility, as a community, to help our children reach their full potential. To give them all the skills and tools they need to succeed in life and better our future. Reducing staff and increasing class sizes (things I assume would happen if the levy didn’t pass) will not benefit the children.

Our school needs the support of our community to grow a better tomorrow. The best place to start is with our future leaders, our children.

Thank you first your time.


Sara Pyle

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