Follies Article…

Dear Editor,

The events mentioned in an article written by Mr. Henney in the Easter publication of the Reader about myself were totally fabricated without my permission and have no basis in fact. I find his unsolicited use of my name and the content offensive. I neither cross-dress or use my precious violin to beat people with. I played the guitar both nights at the Follies and no violin was present. It is best to ask permission before one makes up bizarre stories about someone that could hurt their reputation.

The damage is done. Spare the apology, but I want a published retraction of everything he said about me.

Fiddlin’ Red


I’m sorry that you took offense to Tim’s satire article about the Follies. He meant no offense whatsoever, but was being humorous, as well as self-deprecating in his way. In no way do I think anyone took his writing at face value, but we’ve published a retraction on page 23. Again, sorry for any offense. -BO

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