Donation Protest…

Dear Editor,

I recently visited your fair city of Sandpoint. It is a wonderful town in a beautiful area full of kind and lovely people. An exception to this was Scott Herndon and his “society” and their disgusting anti-choice signs.

Initially, I was upset and frustrated when I saw this. Then I remembered that I can channel my energy into something positive. I decided to donate to your regional Planned Parenthood on his behalf. I would have never done this if it had not been for Scott Herndon and I felt so much better after donating.

A quick Internet search helped me identify who he was and that I am not alone in having been frustrated by his society. Planned Parenthood does great women’s health work and always needs support. If anyone in your community supports planned parenthood and is frustrated with Mr. Herndon, I recommend donating on his behalf. Let him know he inspired your donation by sending him a card or letting him know next time you see him.

Megan Charity
Portland, Ore.

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