Divisive Name Calling…

Dear Editor,

Dan Rose’s latest rant in the Jan. 11 Reader calling out “socialists” just demonstrates how divisive he and his fellow travelers are. It displays why now, more than ever, we need people to run for local, state and federal offices who seek out factual information and don’t undermine our community with bullying tactics.

Mr. Rose’s denial of climate science is just one piece of evidence of how detached from reality his worldview is. The science is clear that human activity has dramatically increased the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is causing havoc with our climate. Independent polls show that a majority of Americans are concerned about this trend and would support government action to help address it.

The response of Mr. Rose and other members of the Redoubt movement appears to be denial (judging by the Redoubt News site) while prepping and arming themselves for eventual societal upheaval. Ironically, that upheaval may well be fueled by our nation’s unwillingness to address problems like global warming, which is already creating climate refugees.

What better way to prime the pump of discord than through divisive language and name-calling, which Mr. Rose is so adept at using? His rejection of facts, his attempt to demonize local citizens who care deeply about public education, and his embrace of “New World Order” conspiracy theories, is all the more disturbing because we know many other people moving here are getting their information from the same internet echo chamber. These people used to be considered fringe. Now they have control of our local Republican party and, it seems, the nation.

People like me – someone who respects scientific facts and cherishes American traditions such as free, public education and public lands – may never convince people like Dan Rose that we are not part of some grand conspiracy to take their private property and guns. But we can speak up for truth and our commonly held values. And we must vote for people who have a shred of common sense and care about providing a secure, abundant and healthy future for all of us – liberal or conservative, Christian or not, black or white, wealthy or poor.

Susan Drumheller

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