Dirty Politics…

Dear Editor,

I listened to “Face to Face” on KSPT today and heard Dan McDonald tell Chris Bessler, sitting in for Bob Wynhausen, that there were dirty politics in recent campaigning in Bonner County.

I am only aware of one such incident. The “Face to Face” show on May 13 is being considered by many an appalling case of dirty politics. Dan MacDonald started out dumping on Lewis Rich. Respected Republican George Eskridge phoned in to question the ethics of this attack on Lewie as there would be no way for Lewie to respond.

Ignoring that wise advice, Dan announced a “surprise guest,” Mike Nielsen, who had an acrimonious relationship with Lewie when they were commissioners together. Bob requested that they stop calling Mr. Rich “Lyin’ Lewie” and finally walked off the show which Dan and Mike had so successfully hijacked.

Two days earlier was the final candidate forum. Dan could have bravely debated Lewie at that time, giving him the chance to reply. Dan’s cleverly planned usurping of the show appeared cowardly, bullying, and just plain nasty. I hope he matures into a responsible commissioner, as we certainly don’t need another bully on the board. Perhaps he can perform his responsibilities in such a way that his new moniker, “Dirty Dan,” doesn’t stick.

Carol Jenkins

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