Defying Racism Takes Courage…

Dear Ben Olson and Cameron Rasmusson,

Though at times I have disagreed with the tone of some of your responses to persons who have written to the editor on various subjects, I want to thank both of you for discussing and standing up to racism in our community. It took courage and I want to thank both of you very much.

Also, if you put this in letters to the editor even though I was not able to send it by email, as I don’t have email, I would like to thank all of the people who have written against racism in the Reader, all of the Democratic candidates and write-in candidates that ran in a hostile environment and Ken Meyers specifically for his informative letter about the harassment the Democratic Party organizer suffered.

Camisse Nitkowski



We appreciate your letter and your concern about this important issue. We don’t tolerate racism in our newspaper, our community or our world, and will continue to stand up against those who promote racist ideas or actions. Your letter comes at an opportune time, in fact, since we are going to be launching an ongoing series soon regarding racism. Thanks for reading and for caring.

-Ben Olson, Publisher


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