Comments on Helsinki…

Dear Editor,

I was absolutely astounded at a child psychiatrist’s letter regarding Trump in Helsinki, which was obviously a rebuke to the opinion article written by Reader publisher Ben Olson. I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Olson’s take on the disgrace and the treason-like actions the President of the United States inflicted upon the American people. That Mr. Cline believes Mr. Trump “confronted Putin strongly in private” is even more astonishing.

Trump’s credibility is suspect at best; he has continually lied to us about anything from his involvement with Russia during the 2016 election to his comments after the meeting with Putin and everything else in between. He has seen fit to separate children from parents, to degrade women, to alienate our longstanding allies, to takeaway women’s rights and healthcare and to criticize and belittle members of Congress and other government officials. Trump’s egotism, naiveté, narcissism, racism and misogyny know no bounds. His performance at Helsinki was beyond disgrace; he essentially threw the American people under the bus. That he worships dictatorships and the people who hold them is readily transparent. No American president in my lifetime has disgraced our country and put our democracy in jeopardy as this president has.

Indeed Trump has little or no knowledge of foreign policy and diplomacy. Finally he acts for himself and no other.

Beth F. Allen

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