What If Chicken Little Was Right…?

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed reading Ms. Deubendorfer’s article, and look forward to her next, but I take exception to putting words in my mouth. I did not call Mr. Gifford those terms, nor would, as I don’t think of him that way. I was using cynicism to express my frustration at those who belittle scientists or refute their work without a sound basis. I’m not proud of its use, but I’m a product of the cynical ‘60s (“I am not a crook!” “Smoking doesn’t cause cancer!” “We are winning this war!”).

I didn’t intend to be a serial LTE person, so I would like to leave it at just this: If you were somehow convinced that in 30 to 40 years, life will begin to be unsustainable what would you be feeling? What would you want to do? In other words, what if Chicken Little was right?

Ray Libby

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