Another Fourth…

Dear Editor,

My love of flag, country, and National Anthem is wholly separate from my visceral distrust of our elected legislators in D.C., who, in my humble opinion, are all corrupt, duplicitous narcissists who care not a whit about what’s good for our country. They care about power and reelection.

Having said that, another Independence Day parade is in the rear view mirror, and with it another disappointing exhibition by numerous adults, males in particular, that I assumed to be U.S. citizens. Why is it so difficult to stand, remove your hat, and place your hand over your heart when the colors pass? Why is it so difficult to show respect for flag and country? Why is it so difficult to honor those who gave their lives to preserve your right to act like thoughtless ingrates?

God bless America, and God bless our military.

Steve Brixen

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