A Vote for Poverty…

Dear Editor,

In regards to the upcoming school levy some disturbing facts in regards to education nationwide is that about 70 percent of the students enrolled in higher education (grad school) in the science and technology programs are foreign born.

Many of these students stay and work in the U.S. Most of these jobs are in the upper income professions.  The main reason for this is that most U.S. high school students do not receive adequate education to prepare them for the requirements in these fields. If we continue to fail to support our education at the local level, there will continue to be the need to import students that received the necessary education in their home countries.

It becomes obvious that the lack of a good education on the local level leads to poverty in those local areas. It seems that some people in this area prefer the poverty scenario. I, for one, do not. A vote against the upcoming school levy is a vote for poverty.

Marty Stitsel

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