A Profound Thanks…

Dear Editor,

I lost my wallet the other day.

It bummed me out. I spent the next couple days retracing my steps, canceling credit cards, arranging to get a new driver’s license, bemoaning the loss of the cash, etc, etc.

My dark mood deepened during those days as I listened to excerpts of speeches from the Republican convention. The apocalyptic and hateful rhetoric, and the fascist agenda being lauded, furthered my descent into bummed-outness until it seemed there was no hope for the human race.

Yesterday, however, my faith in humankind and the goodness of man was restored. Someone found my wallet, Googled my name, found out where I worked and dropped my wallet off there. Credit cards, driver’s license and cash intact.

I don’t even know the name of the individual who found my wallet, as I wasn’t there when he dropped it off. However, if I ever do he’s going to get my profound personal thanks for not only returning my wallet, but also for renewing my faith in the people of the world.

Kevin Nye

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