72 Years of Love

Dear Editor,

What can I say about the fact that my parents have been together longer and happier than most of us get to live and love on our small planet. I say to myself “Boy I’m grateful—wow this is wonderful, I’m delighted and  blessed.” The fact that they have one another, live in their own dwelling, drive, are active every day and in relatively great shape for two adults 92 and 91 years of age is great.

Dave and Dixie have been married since WW II days—gone through the Depression, Frank Sinatra, Bill Haley and the Comets, the Beatles, Vietnam, Wall Street crashes,  bra burning, Nixon, Elvis, inflation, “weapons of mass destruction,” and everything Billy Joel sang about earlier.

Let us raise our glasses and give a shout out and a tear of happiness to love, family and togetherness.  As my parents David and Dixie have said for 72 years of marriage on June 6, “Never go to bed mad.” I love you guys.

From their son Stephen Berenson, Sandpoint

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