Lake levels off, forecasted to drop

By Lyndsie Kiebert
Reader Staff

The Northwest River Forecast Center predicts Lake Pend Oreille water levels will go down from here, as the lake  hovered just over 2,064 feet since Sunday.

The dining deck at Chop in Hope is heavily sand-bagged and weathering the rising waters. Photo by Rebecca Hagemann.

Mid-Wednesday, Lake Pend Oreille sat at 2,064.18 feet, though the gauge read 2,064.2 just hours earlier. Summer pool for the lake is 2,062.5 and flood level is a foot higher at 2,063.5.

All signs, including the weather forecast, say Bonner County residents have seen the worst flooding 2018 has to offer.

Based on predictions, 2018 was set to rival 1997, when Lake Pend Oreille reached 2,065.74 feet. Another year mentioned was 2011, when the lake reached 2,064.29 feet. Based on the current forecast, this year is unlikely to rival either of those levels.

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