County commissioners restrict planning commission

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

Bonner County commissioners placed limits on the county planning commission’s authority this week, restricting the time frame and scope of its decision-making.

The latest in a feud between county commissioners and planners, the decision imposes a 10-day time limit for the Bonner County Planning Commission to offer a recommendation on planning decisions. In addition, the county code revisions restrict planning commission recommendation requirements to decisions involving either zoning or comprehensive plan ordinances.

Commissioners placed the restrictions following delays on a planning recommendation over proposed land use appeals changes. The disagreement between commissioners and planners grew so heated that Planning Commission Chairman Steve Temple resigned two weeks ago.

The restrictions didn’t come out of the blue. Bonner County Deputy Attorney William Wilson hinted they might be coming in a letter sent to the planning commission, which in part provoked Temple’s resignation. [CR]

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