City to revamp billing policy

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

The Bonner Community Food Center’s hefty two-month sewer bill won’t be lowered—at least not yet.

The Sandpoint City Council voted Wednesday against lowering the nonprofit’s sewer bill for the second time. The decision followed a rare proposal to rescind the original ruling in November.

According to Sandpoint City Councilman Shelby Rognstad, it’s still possible the bill will be retroactively addressed. Before that can happen, however, members must develop a new policy to ensure fairness, he said.

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1 Response

  1. Lenny Hess says:

    The new policy to ensure fairness should be to not penalize businesses that water their lawns. My sewer bill for my business on Pine St. was extremely high this summer because we as businesses are charged differently than residential for sewer use. Our sewer rate is billed for the amount of water we use in that billing month even though that water is not utilizing the sewer system, it is keeping the grass green. The billing policy is unfair and needs to be changed.

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