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Gimmie a Biddadat

By McCalee Cain
Reader Intern

The origin story behind a band’s name can say a lot about the band itself. This is definitely the case for Seattle’s neo-funk outfit, Biddadat.…

Music Without Borders:

By McCalee Cain
Reader Intern

The woodwind section cheerily buzzes their mouthpieces, the string section waits anxiously with their bows upright in rest position, and the sound of young musicians …

An interview with: Pink Martini

By Cameron Rasmusson

Reader Staff

Portland, Ore., band Pink Martini has carved out a unique space for itself in popular music. Blending multiple genres together, including Latin, classical, jazz and

Not your average rap album

By Lyndsie Kiebert
Reader Staff Writer

The stereotypes that accompany contemporary rap music are not the same stereotypes that accompany being a 21-year-old college-educated white female in North Idaho. Thanks …